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Worth it

Love the video tutorials

Awesome Meal Plan!!!

I have just started my meal plan, and find it very helpful with all the information needed to shop for each day and a video to cook along with you really helped. I would definitely recommend this plan for anyone who wants to start living a healthy lifestyle, or get new healthy cooking ideas.
Thank you, Jazmin for making a difference in my life :)

Simple AND Satisfying

Jazmin takes the mystery out of fit nutrition and infuses it with excitement and deliciousness. The prep and cooking are simple but pay off with an array of flavors as well as pure fuel for your workouts and busy life schedule. You’ll always be looking forward to your time in the kitchen with her next recipe! Believe me: This plan is worth every penny!

Invest in your health

This plan is teaching me a new way to cook. The meals are healthy, easy to prepare and they taste good. The grocery list, video demonstrations and menu planning provide structure and guidance. Invest in your health.

Awesome Plan

Now I can tell Jazmin knows her stuff because I see how she breaks down food on her platforms. I was literally stuck at a plateau weight for months while still working out like a crazy person so when I saw that she was offering a meal plan I jumped on it. The plan is very easy to follow and I was pleasantly surprised pretty damn delicious. Her tips on seasonings are on point and the most important thing is she explains the correct portion sizes. I soon realized I was eating too damn much previously. She structures the meals to have a certain amount of macros for the day and although smaller portions you are completely full once finished. I definitely recommend the plan.